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"Fiber to the Library"
  Google Endorses
  Microsoft Endorses
  How Public Libraries Can Benefit
  Next-Generation Broadband for Next-Generation Libraries
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"Fiber to the Library" Deploy next generation broadband to nation's 16,500 public libraries
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Fiber to the Library
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National Initiative to Deliver Fiber-Speed Internet Connectivity to Every US Library Underway
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"One example of a type of broadband project we strongly support is fiber to the library. Like other anchor institutions, public libraries provide a place for all citizens to gather and utilize advanced technologies. Providing high-capacity fiber -- at 100 Mbps speeds -- to each and every public library can help transform those institutions into future technology hubs, local community nodes, and the essential information centers for the 21st Century. Any national broadband plan must take account of the enormous supply-side and demand-side potential of these unique community institutions."
Richard S. Whitt, Washington Telecom and Media Counsel,
Google Inc.

"New, broadband-intensive services will be generated sooner and made available more broadly via fiber-connected libraries. Providing next-generation broadband access via optical fiber to America’s Libraries assures our library system will be able to meet the information needs of the 21st Century."
Joe Savage, President, (FTTHC)
Fiber to the Home Council

"NATOA is proud to endorse the Fiber to the Library initiative. Countless local governments have worked with public libraries for more than a decade to offer high-capacity Internet access over fiber optics, much as we do to other key anchor institutions such as schools and first responders. Libraries serve the essential function in any community of offering connectivity to the unconnected, and as the public space where all can experience the value of next generation online applications."
Mary Beth Henry, President (NATOA)
National Assoc. Telecommunications Officers & Advisors



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