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"Community TeleStructure Initiative Launches"



CTI Challenges Communities Everywhere to Accept New Responsibility as Key Players in Broadband Deployment

San Francisco, Calif.- March 17 The Community Telestructure Initiative launched today to develop strategies and implement policies that will spur the deployment of local broadband infrastructure. The Initiative asks communities to take formal responsibility for creating a local connectivity strategy, as they have with other infrastructure elements such as water, power and transportation. Premiere endorsers of the Community Telestructure Initiative (CTI) include TechNet, the Public Technologies Institute (PTI), the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) and AeA, who have begun promoting CTI's message.

"The initiative is not intended to endorse a specific technology or business model for optimizing connectivity. Rather, its purpose is to underscore that local communities have a new responsibility to themselves and their fellow citizens to assure their community has the highest levels of broadband capability and access," said Don Means, founder and principal of Digital Village Associates and facilitator of the CTI.

Hundreds of communities are creating bold plans and undertaking innovative projects to extend and enhance their local broadband infrastructures. By leveraging public assets and natural market forces, these communities are behaving like distinct local telecom/datacom markets. Because no two communities have the same combination of social, economic and telecom infrastructure development, the goals of CTI are further underscored. The CTI declaration at also acts as a "concept hub" that will link key players to issues, policies, resources and news that impact broadband deployment and local telecom infrastructure.

"Local communities will play a new and vital role in determining our nation's broadband future. TechNet strongly supports local strategies and policies that spur the deployment of broadband to all communities and citizens," said Rick White, President and CEO of TechNet.

PTI's executive director Dr. Alan R. Shark says, "Historically, telecom services were capital intensive and remotely regulated. However with today's advances in technology we need to provide the leadership to promote greater and more affordable broadband deployment at the local level. It's our hope that through the efforts of CTI and its supporting organizations we will be able to stimulate the kind of widespread action needed that will enable local communities to more aggressively pursue broadband objectives," Shark said.

About the Community Telestructure Initiative (CTI)

CTI is a broad collaboration of public and private interests who pledge to work jointly and independently to encourage local communities to take responsibility for the design and development of strategies to foster broadband deployment. The CTI declaration can be found at

About Digital Village Associates

DVA is a consulting company that specializes in creating public/private partnerships to work on community technology policy issues such as local telecommunications infrastructure, and strategies for accelerated broadband deployment.


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