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"TechNet Commends Community TeleStructure Initiative"
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"Community TeleStructure Initiative Launches"
TechNet Commends Community
TeleStructure Initiative

March 17, 2005

Calls for Local Commitment to Broadband Strategies

Palo Alto, CA - TechNet, the bipartisan political network of CEOs that promotes the growth of the innovation economy, today commended the launch of Community TeleStructure Initiative (CTI), a national effort to encourage local commitment to strategies and policies that will spur broadband deployment to local communities and citizens. CTI is a broad collaboration of public and private interests who pledge to work jointly or independently to encourage communities to take responsibility for the development of strategies that promote local broadband deployment.

"Local communities can play an important role in determining our nation's broadband future. TechNet strongly supports Community TeleStructure Initiative's commitment to local strategies and policies that spur the deployment of broadband to all communities and citizens." said Rick White, President and CEO of TechNet.

CTI is dedicated to the principle that each community must accept responsibility for creating a local connectivity strategy that accelerates the availability of advanced broadband networks to its citizens and businesses. CTI takes no position on which business models, technologies, and local policy priorities are appropriate for each unique local market, but encourages all communities to establish a comprehensive and viable broadband strategy.

In 2002, TechNet called for an ambitious national broadband deployment goal of an affordable 100 megabits per second connection to 100 million homes and small businesses by 2010, and a national strategy to achieve this goal.

While today's broadband offers significant improvements over dial-up Internet, it is not fast enough to unleash the full capabilities of new, high-quality applications. The establishment of national, state and local policies that encourage investment in a next-generation broadband infrastructure, applications and services are essential if the United States is to maintain its global technological and economic leadership.

More information about Community TeleStructure Initiative can be found at

About TechNet: TechNet is the national, bipartisan network of CEOs that promotes the growth of the technology industries and the economy by building long-term relationships between technology leaders and policymakers and by advocating a targeted policy agenda. TechNet, based in Silicon Valley, has offices in Seattle, Boston, Austin, and Orange County (California).

Facilitator: Digital Village Associates  
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